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Using and Caring for your Fridgenote


We have tested our product under average household conditions and are confident that, within normal levels of use, your Fridgenote will provide you many years of faithful service.

Please read and follow these instructions to gain

the best results from your new Fridgenote.

Stainless Steel surfaces

Many stainless steel finishes are not magnetic due to the addition of elements such as nickel to the alloy. Please check the surface you intend to use, to confirm its suitability, before placing your order.

Placing your Fridgenote

Before using your Fridgenote for the first time, please thoroughly clean the surface to which you intend to apply your message board, wipe the surface with a cloth or tissue dampened with methylated spirits and allow the surface to dry completely before application.

Fridgenote cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to the substrate through environmental conditions, failure of the substrate surface or misuse

of the product.

The Fridgenote Whiteboard Marker

The whiteboard marker supplied with your Fridgenote is fitted with a magnet and felt eraser in the cap.

Office-grade whiteboard markers may also be used on your Fridgenote. Do not use permanent markers or water-based coloured markers as they may permanently damage the surface.

Cleaning your Fridgenote

The felt eraser in the cap of your marker is ideal for editing your messages as you write. For larger areas simply wipe over your Fridgenote with a dry tissue.

For difficult-to-remove marks, we recommend using

a Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.

Gently wipe over the surface to remove all traces

of marker. For stubborn marks, lightly dampen the Microfibre Cloth before wiping your Fridgenote.

A tissue dampened with methylated spirits may also

be used to clean your Fridgenote.

Always wear protective gloves when using harsh chemicals and always keep the area well ventilated.

Use of other chemical cleaners is not recommended

as they may damage the surface of your Fridgenote.