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Fridgenote – our story so far...

Necessity – the mother of invention

Keeping up with two teenage sons is never an easy task –

school events, sporting schedules, parties, formals, family commitments, appointments – there’s always something happening and keeping track can be a logistical nightmare.

The day our whiteboard crashed to the floor for the very last time and splinters of brittle plastic frame shattered and spread across the kitchen tiles was the day the light flashed on in our minds.

A simple idea with an original twist

It seemed a simple task – to find a replacement whiteboard that would cling permanently to our refrigerator door and be an attractive addition to our kitchen decor. Despite a worldwide search we simply could not locate anything that met our needs.

The basic product existed, but it seems that no-one had thought of creating one without a corporate logo or dinky little cartoon illustrations.

And so it was, that Fridgenote Message Boards

came into being.

Superb photography, quality materials

Our photographs are sourced from professional photographic libraries around the world. Images must meet a range of quality criteria before they are accepted for consideration.

We use high-quality, heavy duty magnetic base material to ensure that iur Fridgenotes will not move or lose their grip once they are adhered to a smooth, clean mild steel surface.

Each Fridgenote is ealed individually to protect your purchase until you are ready to use it.

Proudly conceived and produced in Australia

Fridgenote is an Australian business, based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Our products are designed in-house and produced

by Australian print manufacturers.

Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

Reaction to our product has been remarkable.

Many customers can relate personally to our own experience with cheap plastic whiteboards. Some rush up to us, saying “I’ve been looking for these for years!”. Others ask us why it took so long for someone to come up with such a simple idea. And still others have reappeared the next day saying “your Fridgenotes were such a hit when I got them home, now my Mother and Mother-in-Law both want one too!”.